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Your investment in CAD/CAM will need to include much more than just raw equipment. You need to be confident that someone will be there to help you if a machine breaks, software becomes corrupted or new employees need to be trained.

  • Support
    Our highly trained technicians are only a phone call away. They can log on to your PC via Teamviewer and help with any of your design or cam questions. If you are having any support issues please call us directly at (949) 582-1750
  • Training
    We offer CAD/CAM training classes regularly at our facility. Call any time to schedule an appointment. Labs new to CAD/CAM should plan on 3 days to get themselves ready for production.
  • Maintenance
    As any piece of equipment ages, regular service will be required to keep things running properly. At Digital Dental Lab we strive to keep support costs as low as possible. We offer our customers ‘no cost’ annual maintenance in return for purchasing their milling supplies from our sister company Dental Lab Milling Supplies. This program assures the business owner that he’s getting the best service at the lowest possible cost.


Digital Dental Lab
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