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Material & Supplies

To have a complete solution you need more than just a machine, scanner or CAD. You have to combine these with all the little things that will end up making a finished coping or crown. Our sister-company ‘Dental Laboratory Milling Supplies’ will help outfit you with the day to day supplies you need for production milling. From zirconia, to tools, to coloring liquids, they have the supplies you need.

  • We sell solutions, not just products
    We offer products that have been proven to work together to achieve the best results, and we offer the training you need to get those same results in your lab.
  • Marketing materials
    Because increasing your business is our number one goal, we produce a large variety of brochures and pamphlets to help you sell your products to the dentist, and for him to educate the patient. Our resources are your resources.



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